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The scene files were made in Maya 8.5, and can be easily used in any subsequent version. - required - The base Rubik's Cube rig geometry and hierarchy, along with the expression that triggers the reparentCubes script.

reparentCubes.mel - required - This contains the all-important reparentCube() function and its helper functions along with the resetCubes() function to restore the rig if it gets messed up. - optional - This file contains two Rubik's Cube rigs, and had an example on how to modify the expression to update multiple cubes in one file. - optional - This zip file has the Maya scene file with my textured cube rig, and the 6 utility textures I used to help me set up the UV maps.

rubiks3.avi - optional - (1 Mb)

quickRandomAndSlowSolve.avi - optional - (5 Mb)


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