Tony's Animations Page

The animations here are of pretty low quality and high compression so that you can see the general idea of them, without taking up all of the space with one animation. That being said, feel free to email me if you want to get a copy of a better version, or of some of the unavailable ones.


For the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 3d model and animated fly-through of the Thomas Siebel Center for Computer Science

Recent Tinkerings:

Kinetic Combat animation - an animation of a floating lightsaber having some fun. I imagine its owner is somewhere sipping a frothy beverage.

Spinny Galaxy Toy - a model of a spinning galaxy toy that my friend Chris has.

Happy Birthday message - A birthday message and a test of using paint effects to perform writing in animations.



PipeDude - in a piece called "Simon"


Romeo & Juliet - animated community theater done with cardboard cutouts


Fishtanks - my senior project, done at the inspiration of a silly joke.

Soccer - an animation of my favorite sport!

NCSA Animations

How Does Your Conference Grow? - part of the NCSA Intellibadge project


Since these were mostly for fun, there is some copyrighted material here to which all right are reserved by their respective and respectable owners.

Dominoes Illinois

Dominoes with Bob & Larry Animations using my scripts-driven object placer.

Walk Cycles - The results of some animation exercises I've been doing lately.

Rubik's Cube - The Rubik's Cube in action - see this page for more info about it.

Rubik's Solver Machine - Everything in this animation was keyframed through a script which specified on the cube which turns to make and when. This involved no hand-keyframing. Beginning with a solved cube, the machine "randomizes" it, then solves it using the techniques in the little booklet that now accompanies Rubik's Cubes.

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