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Buena Vista       12:01 PM - Nov 26, 2006

After a rather sudden series of interviews, offers, contract holdouts, and acceptances, Jen is now an employee of the Burbank Library system, as a children's librarian at their new spiffy Buena Vista branch library. Since the Disney studio is also on Buena Vista (about 5 blocks away), this means we could both hypothetically walk to work. Right now, that benefit will fall to which ever of us ends up keeping my current apartment until the wedding.

That's right, this also means that Jen is moving out here. Around New Year's Day Jen will join the ranks of Midwesterners giving up their ice scrapers and heavy coats to instead take up the burden of heavy taxation and draconian air pollution laws.

I'm really happy that Jen and I will be close together again -- it lets us move forward with wedding planning, etc.

Bartimaeus       12:01 PM - Oct 12, 2006

I finished reading Jonathan Stroud's "Bartimaeus" trilogy of young adult books. The series involves an England that is run by a ruling class of sorcerers who conjour demons in oreder to rule and conquer the lower classes. I did really enjoy the writing of the Bartimaeus character, who is the main demon character. He is written as a braggart, a coward, and a liar. However, since his passages are all in first-person, he describes himself as powerful, fearless, and a bastion of honesty. The Author did a good job of letting the characters actions reveal that he is lying through his non-corporeal teeth.

The rest of the book was ok, but the ending seemed like a cop-out. There was all too much demon summoning for my tastes. If demon summoning doesn't grate against you like nails on a chalkboard (as it does me), then this might be a fun set of books to read.

Soccer for Tikes       9:30 AM - Oct 07, 2006

A guy I work with is an AYSO soccer referee for the league in Glendale. We watched a lot of the World Cup at work together this summer, and he encouraged me to go through referee training for AYSO, as well. It's fun to watch the little kids play, and it's nice to give back a bit for all of the folks who refereed me growing up.

AYSO is all volunteer, so no one gets paid. The coaches and parents give you a little more leeway. A very little more. The league did give me all of my refereeing gear, though, which was nice. I have a snazzy yellow shirt and all of the trimmings. It helps the officials all look, well, official.

I reffed my first game today, which went well. It was uneventful, and I didn't mess up so much that anyone noticed. I did mess up and call a play offside that clearly wasn't, but the game time was right at the stopping point anyway, so I just changed my call to 'game over' instead of offside. Even though Jason was observing my game as my final 'approval' as a referee, he didn't notice that I was covering for a blundered call.

Results from Glendale       12:01 PM - Sep 22, 2006

The final results are in from Glendale. Jen came in 2nd for that job. Really that ends up being ok, because she wasn't too excited about the actual job once it was explained to her. It was a mostly childrens, partially adult, library job at a tiny branch library in Glendale. The library was little more than a storefront next to the Glendale Fire Department. I'm sad that she didn't get the job, but hopeful that an actual good job will be in store for her.

Burbank is listing a librarian job now. Even their smallest branch is larger than the tiny one in Glendale.

Ratings from Glendale       12:01 PM - Aug 10, 2006

Jennie flew in to have a first interview with the Glendale, CA library system. Parts of the interview process were less than perfectly set up (she flew herself out here, most of the interview could have been done over the phone, etc), but I'm glad she came to visit.

She is confident that the interview went well, so that bodes well for her having even more motivation to move out here. Hopefully in a couple of weeks she'll know how that process is proceeding. She would be working at a branch library in a fairly wealthy area. Libraries aren't doing well in California, but at least this one would be in a good area.

We got some visiting time in, but I had to work. My 'minder' (he's not really my boss, but he is the person most affected by my schedule) chided me for not blowing off work to spend the whole day with Jennie. My responsibly streak bites me again, I guess. I enjoy that he is very laid back about scheduling issues when they come up. I don't want to push it, but I like that he extends me that flexibility.

More Leshers!       12:01 PM - Aug 05, 2006

Another one has been added to the number of Leshers in the world.

This weekend Ann Sullivan and Chris Lesher were married. I got to stand up on Chris's side of the wedding. I'm getting to be pretty good at this groomsman thing.

The travel took quite a awhile, but it was worth it once I was there. Jennie and I rode town to Paris, IL with Laura Miller, so we got friend-visiting time in, as well. Uniquely, my Grampa lives in Paris, too, so I got to have a lot of family visiting that weekend, even though it was a wedding not in my family.

I'm glad that my series of weddings are over, so I can have my weekends back to get various 'fun' tasks done.

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