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Toronto       8:40 PM - Feb 15, 2008

I'm in Toronto this week doing training for work. We're going over the complicated new features that will be arriving in the next release. Hopefully I'll be able to pass this on to the customers as they start making use of them on their projects.

This trip has been really useful. Getting to meet face-to-face with the folks I work with remotely will help when we have to communicate in the future. There's something about getting to talk to someone in person that makes talking to them over the phone and email work better.

For reference, the picture is of me next to the Academy Award that the company won several years ago for being really smart. The photo makes it look like it's stuck on a random concrete wall, but it is very nicely placed on the staircase that we take customers up from the lobby to the main demonstration & visualization suite.

Also, if I could learn to do a Newfoundland accent, I would use it more often when I read books aloud. I didn't know that an accent with those qualities existed. It's quite storybookish, and will help add some variety to my characterizations, so I'm not always just using a poor Irish accent.

It's good to be back home finally, and be back in the land of moisture (yes, ironically, the desert). The hotel room in Toronto was so dry that while the lights were off and I was crawling into bed, I could see the sparks from the static electricity discharges -- never a good sign. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML