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Soccer for Tikes       9:30 AM - Oct 07, 2006

A guy I work with is an AYSO soccer referee for the league in Glendale. We watched a lot of the World Cup at work together this summer, and he encouraged me to go through referee training for AYSO, as well. It's fun to watch the little kids play, and it's nice to give back a bit for all of the folks who refereed me growing up.

AYSO is all volunteer, so no one gets paid. The coaches and parents give you a little more leeway. A very little more. The league did give me all of my refereeing gear, though, which was nice. I have a snazzy yellow shirt and all of the trimmings. It helps the officials all look, well, official.

I reffed my first game today, which went well. It was uneventful, and I didn't mess up so much that anyone noticed. I did mess up and call a play offside that clearly wasn't, but the game time was right at the stopping point anyway, so I just changed my call to 'game over' instead of offside. Even though Jason was observing my game as my final 'approval' as a referee, he didn't notice that I was covering for a blundered call. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML