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New Toys Around the House       12:01 PM - Apr 06, 2008

We've picked up some new toys for around the house, and surprisingly they're both working pretty well. My new toy is the Netgear Storage Center 101 (remarkably similar to Ben's SC101 ). It's a networked hard drive box that keeps mirrored copies of files on two separate disks. This means that we can get to the files from any computer in the house (the current count stands at 3 computers), and that one of the hard drives can fail without losing files forever. 3 hours and a trip to Fry's later, I have 200 Gb mirrored and 300 Gb unmirrored extra space.

After a small headache getting it configured ( it required software reinstallation after upgrading the firmware on the "toaster" ), everything dropped into place and it's working great. Jen's even comfortable using it, and reassured by having copies of important files -- like eight years of 3D animation projects, and photos of Jesse from Christmas...

Jen's new toy was more immediately applicate, and more viscerally enjoyable. It's a little "personal edition" shredder (also, confetti maker!). Jen wanted a way to securely destroy trash with personal information on it. I wanted revenge against junk mail. This was the solution. A Fellowes PDS-1 "Personal Series" shredder.

To make it small enough to be out of the way, you have to fold paper in thirds to feed it into the chute, but (conveniently for me) junk mail comes pre-folded in this exact way. There is a real physical satisfaction to hearing the whir of the motor and the crinkley ripping of the paper as it gets chewed into non-existance. All the spite and scam that makes up junk mail gets erased from existance, and is transformed into buckets of packing material. It's a fantastic stress reliever!

So, we'll see if my network storage drive comes up with a "big" win sometime -- something excellent about it that we both really enjoy. The paper shredder really is a source of smiles around the house now -- and it makes sorting out old paperwork less of a chore. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML