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More Leshers!       12:01 PM - Aug 05, 2006

Another one has been added to the number of Leshers in the world.

This weekend Ann Sullivan and Chris Lesher were married. I got to stand up on Chris's side of the wedding. I'm getting to be pretty good at this groomsman thing.

The travel took quite a awhile, but it was worth it once I was there. Jennie and I rode town to Paris, IL with Laura Miller, so we got friend-visiting time in, as well. Uniquely, my Grampa lives in Paris, too, so I got to have a lot of family visiting that weekend, even though it was a wedding not in my family.

I'm glad that my series of weddings are over, so I can have my weekends back to get various 'fun' tasks done. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML