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Ratings from Glendale       12:01 PM - Aug 10, 2006

Jennie flew in to have a first interview with the Glendale, CA library system. Parts of the interview process were less than perfectly set up (she flew herself out here, most of the interview could have been done over the phone, etc), but I'm glad she came to visit.

She is confident that the interview went well, so that bodes well for her having even more motivation to move out here. Hopefully in a couple of weeks she'll know how that process is proceeding. She would be working at a branch library in a fairly wealthy area. Libraries aren't doing well in California, but at least this one would be in a good area.

We got some visiting time in, but I had to work. My 'minder' (he's not really my boss, but he is the person most affected by my schedule) chided me for not blowing off work to spend the whole day with Jennie. My responsibly streak bites me again, I guess. I enjoy that he is very laid back about scheduling issues when they come up. I don't want to push it, but I like that he extends me that flexibility. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML