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Buena Vista       12:01 PM - Nov 26, 2006

After a rather sudden series of interviews, offers, contract holdouts, and acceptances, Jen is now an employee of the Burbank Library system, as a children's librarian at their new spiffy Buena Vista branch library. Since the Disney studio is also on Buena Vista (about 5 blocks away), this means we could both hypothetically walk to work. Right now, that benefit will fall to which ever of us ends up keeping my current apartment until the wedding.

That's right, this also means that Jen is moving out here. Around New Year's Day Jen will join the ranks of Midwesterners giving up their ice scrapers and heavy coats to instead take up the burden of heavy taxation and draconian air pollution laws.

I'm really happy that Jen and I will be close together again -- it lets us move forward with wedding planning, etc. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML