Tony's Bungee Project Page

Spring 2001 openGL physical simulator project: Pipedude Bungee

This project was a lot of fun to put together, but involved a lot of rehashing and reorganizing old code. I brought back my Pipedude that I built for an earlier openGl course, but attached him to a physical spring and gravity framework. After I found a good set of values that would get a nice looking bungee jump to work, I added all sorts of dials and switches so that the user could pretty much just abuse the poor guy as they wished. Talk about humility-building.

If you're interested, and have a WinTel box with the Visual C++ 97 libraries around, I can dig up and executable and let you play with it. I make fewer than zero warranties about it, though, since I think that, when I actually turned in this program as an assignment, I was having enough virus programs with my old machine that I gave the teacher a virus. Yeah, he wasn't happy. It's clean and everything now, but all I can say is that it worked on my machine and the lab machines. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML