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Galileo Themometer       12:01 PM - Jan 04, 2004

This is a Galileo thermometer. I was having fun making things shiny and reflective, and I got one of these last week, so it looked like a fun challenge to model.

Shiny Ring!       12:01 PM - Jan 03, 2004

This was my first full attempt to give things realistic reflective surfaces. I eventually had to break out my old domino placing Maya scripts to get part of it right. Yes, I know I haven't put any domino stuff up, yet, but I will sometime soon. I borrowed the form of the silver shader from a guy online who was using it as an example of how to create Fresnel effects in Maya. The Fresnel (pronounced "fre-NEL," -- the "s" is silent) effect states that the properties of a surface change as the angle you're viewing it at changes. So, for example, a surface may be more transparent when you look at it straight on, and less transparent when looking at it edgewise. In this case, the reflectivity changes on the silver - more reflective the less straight-on you're looking at it. It occurs because of the thickness of material you're looking through changes - the shiny surface of the silver scatters more light than the layer just beneath it.

Rubik's Cube       12:01 PM - Jan 02, 2004

The final Rubik's cube construction. Due to some crazy mathematical principles, this toy is a lot harder to animate than one would imagine at first. It took me around two days to get a good working model built. The good news is that it can also solve itself (animated properly) once it gets mixed up. Here is an animation of the cube in action! Here is a page of more info on the cube.

Pipe Dude!       12:01 PM - Jan 01, 2004

This is a character I made up to pose and animate. I wanted him to be simple, so the most important part would be his movement. He has some good animating potential. He also has a girlfriend now - good deal!

This same character is used here to show the scale in a test render I did working with lighting and reflections (more shiny stuff - see note above)

FishTanks Renders       12:01 PM - May 08, 2002

Fishtanks renders

Renders from my semester project. More info about it is on the "animations" page.

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