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3-D Pumpkin       12:01 PM - Jan 10, 2004

For Halloween, and because there's a local TV commercial with a cheesy 3-d pumpkin on it. I felt challenged to make a better one. I placed the pumpkin off center so this could be used as a desktop wallpaper.

Bungee Project       12:01 PM - Jan 09, 2004

Bungee Project

One is a real-time rendering openGL program that simulates physics and has my Pipedude character bungee jumping. You can modify the values of gravity, friction, and elasticity to get different effects in the simulation.

Raytracer Renders       12:01 PM - Jan 08, 2004

Raytracer renders

The other project is the raytracer that I built for a rendering class over the course of a semester. We got into the dirty details of rendering depth-of-field, caustics, and bump maps. It did convince me that I'd rather spend more time animating and less time coding. I do enjoy coding, but having spent a semester and only getting this kind of results, I'll stick to letting others code the low level stuff and then just add my own modifications and specialized code on top of that.

Rubik's Adventure Storyboard       12:01 PM - Jan 07, 2004

This is a storyboard for a little animation I have in mind for the Chicklet Guy and the Rubik's cube.

St. John's Catholic Chapel -- Champaign, IL       12:01 PM - Jan 06, 2004

This work in progress is an effort to make a recognizable model of my campus church. I'm scaling it to the work for the chicklet people, so I can have some movement through it, etc.

9/2004 - This model is almost complete, I just need to finish the choir loft so I can show the back of the church. I've stalled long enough in finishing my model that they've renovated the church! They uncovered two stained-glass windows that are behind the sancutuary on either side of the Cupola (the white part). I'll have to break out the camera again and inset those into the model now, too.

Settlers Of Catan       12:01 PM - Jan 05, 2004

This is a 3d model of the board game "Settlers of Catan." It's really fun, and has really simple models. It's a game of conquest through trade and bargaining. It also has a lot of pieces that can be easily modelled or scanned as textures.

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