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Artists Dolls       12:01 PM - Jan 16, 2004

Who says boys don't play with dolls? For my birthday my parents sent me a pair of wooden artist's drawing figures. Though I don't think they knew, I'd been thinking of acquiring some for myself, so it was a really good gift. Also, they make for a very nice, simple digital model. I couldn't resist putting some together quickly in Maya. I had to be careful to make sure the wood textures stayed in the right local coordinate spaces, and didn't "swim" when the model is moved.

Also, though the model is pretty inefficient, I modeled it very high-res in order to test out the new video card on the new research computer at the office.

Kinetic Combat       12:01 PM - Jan 15, 2004

Lately I've been working on animating a "Star Wars" lightsaber cutting through things. Since this is easier without worrying about animating someone holding it - it looks a lot like the SWd20 feat, "Kinetic Combat"

Click on the image for the animation page.

Also, more lightsaber model renders are available in the lightsaber gallery.

The Barbershop Harmony Society       12:01 PM - Jan 14, 2004

I thought I'd make the attempt to build a 3-D logo for the barbershop singing society.

Kelliher Wedding       12:01 PM - Jan 13, 2004

Kieran and Margaret's wedding makes the cover of TIME magazine! Ok, ok. More accurately, I've just made this TIME magazine cover. Click the links to the right to see the larger image.

Medium (368x460)

Large (735x960)

Teapots!       12:01 PM - Jan 12, 2004

A while back I built some models of the famous Utah Teapot in Alias Maya format. I still haven't seen many models of this out there, so I'm posting mine. It's also an experiment to see if this has any sort of traffic impact.

Jedi RPG       12:01 PM - Jan 11, 2004

Well, it happened. There comes a time in every geek's life when he gets drawn into an RPG. Having a weak spot for Star Wars stuff, I got talked into joining a game of Star Wars d20. I figured I'd post some drawings of my Jedi consul character. I might even put up a character summary once I write the back story.

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