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Character Sketches       4:02 PM - Aug 20, 2006

In an effort to keep character sketches simple for an upcoming RPG, I'm blatantly copying the style of Rich Burlew's "Order of the Stick"

Galactic Map       7:27 PM - Aug 14, 2006

A friend of mine had need to develop a (mostly) ficticious map of the galaxy. Though he did a lot of work to base the resulting map on actual astronomical data, he had little time to polish it off into a readable map. Although this map still has some drawbacks, and overall still obviously has the graphical design sensibilities of an engineer, it is now workable and has added character.

Menger Cube       12:01 PM - Aug 13, 2006

Today I found a good scene for our developers to use when trying to render large scenes. Lately I've been trying to write scripts to build Menger Sponges -- a type of fractal made from cube shapes. 32-bit Maya is limited to depth=4 Menger Sponges. Perhaps the 64-bit Maya can render a depth=5 Sponge. I can get a depth=5 scene to load, but I can't render it without a memory error.

For now, though, enjoy the fun pictures of a depth=4 Menger Sponge!

Robot Parts       12:01 PM - Jun 2, 2006

In my continuing series of robot models, I'm working on some different pieces to drop into a large robot model. I made a set of pulleys that animates fairly well. I also developed a pretty flexible piston (with spring, oddly). I'm working on how to combine these elements in a reasonable robot. Ok, so reasonable is a strange word to use, given the green robot model...

Robot!       12:01 PM - Jun 1, 2006

I set out yesterday to quickly rig up a good set of "tank treads", and this grew into a somewhat wacky-looking robot. The robot also dwarfs the tank treads, making the fact that they accurately roll along the ground seem less cool. I will add the tank treads as a tutorial, but I might wait until I re-work them so they can turn properly without totally destorying themselves. Right now, they're only good for straight lines

More Lightsabers       12:01 PM - May 20, 2005

To offset the sudden influx of research-only images on this page, here are some more lightsabers that are under construction. The upper one is an attempt at Mace Windu's lightsaber. The lower one is another lightsaber design borrowed from a contest entry at that is supposed to be modeled as a U.S. Army general-issue lightsaber. It's a mark of my poor lighting in this rendering that the gold from Mace's saber and the drab olive from the GI saber look so similar. Mace's still needs a lot of bevelling work before it starts to look really right. It does have the problem that the actual design is too smooth and reflective - your eyes just slide off of it, which makes it hard to get definite ideas of its shape.

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