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Wooden Trains       2:14 PM - Dec 26, 2008

After playing wooden trains with my nephew at Thanksgiving, I started building a wooden train set in Maya. One of the hardest parts of wooden trains is understanding how they fit together. With most wooden train sets there is a lot of wiggle room where you can force certain tracks to fit where they really ought not to.

Also, you tend to run out of exactly the right piece. I thought it would be fun to play with trains when you would never run out of pieces, and you could experiment better to find how the tracks were intended to fit together.

Also also, I of course made my trains able to run on the tracks, and make the switch tracks functional, so that the train would take many different paths around a given track layout.

For now, I've color-coded the different track pieces to make distinguishing the layouts easier.

This began simply, but started getting complicated (naturally), so there is a corresponding section on the Tutorials Page to explain how to get the tools to work.

I used this system to build a map of track-length equivalences. Some were surprising to me, when certain combinations lined up perfectly, especially with the 45-degree combinations

Random Artwork       10:01 AM - Jun 01, 2008

I was playing with some scripts to create random scene geometry, and I decided to write some scripts to add random lights to the scene, too. These are the results of placing random spheres in the middle of a shell of random lights. The coloring of the lights is (surprise, surprise) random, but specified within a certain color, saturation, and intensity band.

I like working with randomness because I can have complexity without having to add it all by hand. I like that this ends up approximating the smoothness of a global illumination setup.

Jen thinks it looks like blood under a microcope.

Helicoid - Catenoid       12:01 AM - Mar 13, 2008

I was tinkering on a question I grabbed from the AREA forum, and the results

looked pretty good. So here they are. Click on any of the images to bring up the animation (650Kb). The full cyclical transitional animation (980K) is here .

Geodesics       12:01 AM - Feb 3, 2008

From time-to-time, I get the hankering for a project. If I have the idea during the week, then a barebones version of it will be written at night when I get home. If I have the idea on a Friday, then I'll end up spending the weekend working on it. This week was a double-whammy, getting the idea for a good geodesic sphere for Maya, and the idea of reviving the stick-and-ball wireframe script for Maya that keeps appearing and disappearing.

I rendered these at the suitable size for a wallpaper for my laptop (1920x1200). They wight in at 200K, 300K, and 530K. If I get time I'll resize them down to a more web-suitable size and weight.

The tutorials page has the MEL scripts to create geodesics and to add the balls and sticks to poly meshes.

L-Systems       12:01 AM - Oct 13, 2007

I got interested in L-System based automated drawing, so I wrote a qiuck script to draw rule-based curves in Maya. These are the outputs of some well-known L-System shapes. The color progression from red to yellow shows you how the curves progress from start to finish.

SuperHeroes       12:01 AM - Sep 01, 2006

Some friends of mine are making a movie about Super Heroes , and this is a page of artwork that I'm making for their movie. The 'year' for this post is half to keep this post at the top of the page, but also to represent that they're taking forever to make their movie...

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