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Geodesics       12:01 AM - Feb 3, 2008

From time-to-time, I get the hankering for a project. If I have the idea during the week, then a barebones version of it will be written at night when I get home. If I have the idea on a Friday, then I'll end up spending the weekend working on it. This week was a double-whammy, getting the idea for a good geodesic sphere for Maya, and the idea of reviving the stick-and-ball wireframe script for Maya that keeps appearing and disappearing.

I rendered these at the suitable size for a wallpaper for my laptop (1920x1200). They wight in at 200K, 300K, and 530K. If I get time I'll resize them down to a more web-suitable size and weight.

The tutorials page has the MEL scripts to create geodesics and to add the balls and sticks to poly meshes. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML