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RSS feed experiment       2:45 PM - Oct 04, 2009

I'm experimenting with an RSS feed for this web site. That will let folks get updates when I actually add content -- either in the news section, the artwork section, or the tutorials section. If it becomes necessary, I could split the feeds up into individual sections, as well.

To "subscribe" to updates from the RSS feed, click on the rss file link. Your browser should prompt you after that.

Where am I?

Welcome, you are at Tony's little webpage. Here you will find tokens and glimpses into what I spend all day doing. I've put animations, still images, stories & papers, and various other amusing tidbits here for you to peruse.

Where is this guy called Tony?

As a new feature, Tony has decided to keep an updated link on his location. Currently, he is in Burbank, California, USA. With a little searching, you can see his neighbors -- The Walt Disney Studios, NBC, and Warner Brothers!

So what has Tony done that I might find interesting?

You might find his arrowhead collection interesting...but more than primitive anthropology, Tony spends his time working with 3d graphics, creating educational and entertaining animations and cartoons. He's made his own cartoon animations, as well as some fun and entertaining models and images. He's taken most of the photographs that appear on this page. He's also personally assembled the jigsaw puzzles featured here, as well.

Where can I see Tony's work?

You should look at the links on the top. There are other places, but none are full of my special brand of entertainment.

May I tell Tony what I think of his work?

You may, and are encouraged to. Just remember that Tony reserves the right to return the favor. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML